Anja K. Skrivervik

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—A wireless sensor platform for use in ultralow-power wireless sensor networks (WSNs) is presented. The proposed round sensor (RoSe) node is physically robust, is resistant to humidity, and has a housing that can be in direct contact with food. These characteristics are achieved via injection molding technology which is investigated at both the component(More)
SUMMARY Mobile communication have become an important part of telecommunications. Original applications like paging, mobile phones or GPS have shown a tremendous growth, and new applications are emerging every day: tagging, wireless computer links, wireless microphones, remote control, wireless multimedia links, satellite mobile phones, wireless internet.(More)
This paper presents a novel design of a high gain multilayer Strip-Slot-Foam-Inverted Patch (SSFIP) antenna working at 30 GHz. The antenna is designed to provide a special radiation pattern, which contributes to the reduction of grating lobes when used as element of array. Sub-arrays of 4 and 16 elements were simulated using a commercial EM simulator.(More)
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