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We describe ongoing work on sentence summarization in the European MUSA project and the Flemish ATraNoS project. Both projects aim at automatic generation of TV subtitles for hearing-impaired people. This involves speech recognition, a topic which is not covered in this paper, and summarizing sentences in such a way that they fit in the available space for(More)
In this work we present an audiovisual approach to the recognition of spontaneous interest in human conversations. For a most robust estimate, information from four sources is combined by a synergistic and individual failure tolerant fusion. Firstly, speech is analyzed with respect to acoustic properties based on a high-dimensional prosodic, articulatory,(More)
We compare machine learning approaches for sentence length reduction for automatic generation of subtitles for deaf and hearing-impaired people with a method which relies on hand-crafted deletion rules. We describe building the necessary resources for this task: a parallel corpus of examples of news broadcasts of the Flemish VRT broadcasting corporation ,(More)
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