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The proportion of isolated rodent dorsal root ganglion neurones expressing bradykinin receptors increases transiently with time in culture. However, it has not yet been investigated whether these receptors are functioning. Therefore the responses of these neurones to bradykinin (1 microM) were investigated in patch-clamp experiments in the current clamp(More)
The pro-inflammatory mediator bradykinin plays an important role in hyperalgesia during inflammatory conditions. Here, we used unilateral ligation of the sciatic nerve to investigate whether the expression of bradykinin binding sites in isolated rat dorsal root ganglion neurons is changed following nerve injury. Under control conditions, the percentage of(More)
Expression of bradykinin receptors was analyzed in freshly isolated dorsal root ganglion neurons of the ipsi- and contralateral segments L4/L5, L2/L3, and T12/T13 two to twenty days after unilateral injury of the adult rat sciatic nerve using gold labeled bradykinin. The number of infiltrating leucocytes was investigated by flow cytometry. Sciatic nerve(More)
Surface structures in Haemophilus influenzae are subject to rapid ON/OFF switching of expression, a process termed phase variation. We analyse tetranucleotide repeats controlling phase variation in lipo-oligosaccharide (LOS) genes of H. influenzae in paired isolates from both the nasopharynx and middle ears of paediatric patients with chronic or recurrent(More)
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