Anja Dobler-Mikola

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The purpose and methodology of a 4-year longitudinal study based on a cohort aged 20 years are presented. A two-stage procedure was chosen; in 1978, 2201 males and 2346 females, aged 19–20, were examined. This sample was representative of the respective age group in the Canton of Zurich. From high and low-scorers (SCL-90), 292 males and 299 females were(More)
Individuals' use of heroin, cocaine, and alcohol during long-term methadone maintenance treatment (MMT) was studied. Prospectively collected data from 103 heroin-addicted individuals who were consecutively admitted for MMT and remained 2 years in treatment were evaluated. The patients were assessed every 6 months with a standardized interview. Three(More)
The 1-year prevalence rates and sex ratio of dysphoric mood, brief (BDE, less than 2 weeks) and extensive (EDE, greater than or equal to 2 weeks) depressive episodes and major depression (RDC, DSM-III) from an epidemiologic study are presented. Factors influencing the sex ratio are analyzed: subjective suffering from EDE, social and work impairment were(More)
The longitudinal study of a cohort of 591 men and women aged 20 and 21 years respectively at outset, and 23/24 years at a subsequent investigation, was analyzed for the manifestation of depressive syndromes. The syndromes were grouped according to their duration: 1 week once or twice per year (group B), 1 week three or more times per year (C), 2 weeks (D),(More)
This study describes sleep behaviour and insomnia in a representative cohort of a Swiss population. Interviews were carried out prospectively from age 20-21 to 27-28 years, starting with 292 males and 299 females. Females usually go to bed earlier and sleep 30 min longer than males. Taking into account length and periodicity of insomnia we can distinguish(More)
A representative sample of 456 persons from the normal population aged 22 and 23 years was used to study the overlap of depression with anxiety disorders. The 1-year prevalence rate for major depression (DSM-III), minor depression, and anxiety disorder together was 16.4%. The observed cases of major depression occurred in 36% with anxiety disorder, the(More)
From data collected within the frame of a longitudinal epidemiologic study of a representative sample population of young adults (the Zurich Study), anxiety disorders--anxiety and phobic states--were analyzed. The current prevalence rate was found to be 2.9% for anxiety states and 4.3% for phobic states, totaling 7.2%. Because of their anxiety disorders,(More)
Dieser Studienbericht über die heroingestütze Behandlung von Opiatabhängigen ergänzt den anderen Artikel im gleichen Heft, in dem über die Methadon-Substitution referiert wird (vgl. die Arbeit von M. Krausz et al.). Bemerkenswert ist, daß die Verschreibung von injizierbarem Heroin der von injizierbarem Morphin und Methadon hinsichtlich der(More)