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We developed the MGH Hairpulling Scale to provide a brief, self-report instrument for assessing repetitive hairpulling. Seven individual items, rated for severity from 0 to 4, assess urges to pull, actual pulling, perceived control, and associated distress. We administered the scale to 119 consecutive patients with chronic hairpulling. Statistical analyses(More)
BACKGROUND Therapeutic use and effective function of recombinant urokinase (r-UK) for occluded ports need the presence of plasminogen. METHODS As a therapeutic proof of principle, we demonstrate that the use of r-UK and autologous plasma effectively reestablishes the function of occluded central venous ports (CVP) resistant to routine management of(More)
To learn whether female cancer survivors are more likely to terminate a pregnancy by choice than other women, the occurrence of induced abortions was determined in a population-based cohort of 1688 childhood cancer survivors. Proportion ratios (PRs) were estimated from the ratio of the proportion of pregnancies that resulted in induced abortions among the(More)
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