Anja Bonte

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MOTIVATION The research area metabolomics achieved tremendous popularity and development in the last couple of years. Owing to its unique interdisciplinarity, it requires to combine knowledge from various scientific disciplines. Advances in the high-throughput technology and the consequently growing quality and quantity of data put new demands on applied(More)
BACKGROUND Identification of biomarkers capable of distinguishing organic and conventional products would be highly welcome to improve the strength of food quality assurance. Metabolite profiling was used for biomarker search in organic and conventional wheat grain (Triticum aestivum L.) of 11 different old and new bread wheat cultivars grown in the DOK(More)
We present results of our machine learning approach to the problem of classifying GC-MS data originating from wheat grains of different farming systems. The aim is to investigate the potential of learning algorithms to classify GC-MS data to be either from conventionally grown or from organically grown samples and considering different cultivars. The(More)
Main fractions from multi-component polysaccharidase preparations (Driselase, Gamanase and an experimental preparation of fungal origin), previously used for the enzymic treatment of cell wall materials from sunflower and palm-kernel meals, were sub-fractionated by different chromatographic techniques to evaluate the contribution of each of their(More)
BACKGROUND Micro-organisms populate on rapeseed after harvest during storage depending on the growing conditions. The composition of the bacterial colonization is unknown and its contribution to the profile of volatile aroma-active compounds that determines the sensory quality of virgin cold-pressed rapeseed oil. RESULTS From four rapeseed samples 46(More)
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