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Load balancing is one of the critical issues that must be considered in managing a grid computing environment. It is complicated due to the distributed and heterogeneous nature of the resources. An enhanced ant algorithm for load balancing in grid computing is proposed in this paper. The proposed algorithm will determine the best resource to be allocated to(More)
Artificial immune system can be used to generate schedules in changing environments and it has been proven to be more robust than schedules developed using a genetic algorithm. Good schedules can be produced especially when the number of the antigens is increased. However, an increase in the range of the antigens had somehow affected the fitness of the(More)
This study presents a new algorithm based on ant colony optimization for load balancing management in grid computing. The concentration is on improving the way ants search the best resources in terms of minimizing the processing time of each job and at the same time balancing the workload on available resources. An enhanced technique is proposed for the(More)
Previous research has shown that artificial immune systems can be used to produce robust schedules in a manufacturing environment. The main goal is to develop building blocks (antibodies) of partial schedules that can be used to construct backup solutions (antigens) when disturbances occur during production. The building blocks are created based upon(More)
Customer Relationship Management (CRM) System is very important to enhance healthcare services, improve cost-effectiveness, and accessibility of the healthcare. Therefore, study of the adoption of the CRM in healthcare at organizational level is necessary to identify factors that influence the CRM adoption. Hence, this study aims at proposing an extended(More)
A limited number of factors in critical areas are necessary to identify the sustainability of companies [30]. It was found that three factors were commonly used [2] and a maximum of seven factors was recommended [2]. In order to identify the optimal factors, we propose a method based on rough set theory that consisted of five main steps. These were data(More)
Face recognition is one of the most interesting applications in the image processing field. To build a model to recognize the face of different people, we need to do several processes on the image to obtain the most efficient features. In this research a face recognition model is developed. The dataset used is of different face images. Neural Networks(More)
With the huge increase of software functionalities, sizes and application domain, the difficulty of categorizing and classifying software for information retrieval and maintenance purposes is on demand. This work includes the use of Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI) in classifying neural network and k-nearest neighborhood source code programs. Functional(More)
The analyzing and extracting important information from a text document is crucial and has produced interest in the area of text mining and information retrieval. This process is used in order to notice particularly in the text. Furthermore, on view of the readers that people tend to read almost everything in text documents to find some specific(More)
Quran is the main source of knowledge and has been a major source reference for all types of problems. Female is one of terms that are very popular in the Quran. This term represents a group of human that are venerable in the aspect of social and family. Quran contains many important issues related to the female. However understanding the issues and the(More)