Anitra Schultz

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Plant poisoning of livestock is responsible for considerable economic losses in southern Africa. Six plant species of the Rubiaceae family are known to cause gousiekte, a cardiac syndrome of ruminants induced by ingestion of the toxic compound pavettamine. Progress in understanding the etiology of this disease is largely hampered by the variable toxicity of(More)
The classification of yeasts has been based to some degree on their ability to ferment certain sugars. This test is one of the well-established biochemical methods. Stelling-Dekker (1931) systematically examined the genus Saccharomyces and reorganized its classification unequivocally upon fermentation ability. However, this system, good though it be, is(More)
HST NICMOS narrowband images of the shocked molecular hydrogen emission in OMC-1 are analyzed to reveal new information on the BN/KL outflow. The outstanding morphological feature of this region is the array of molecular hydrogen “fingers” emanating from the general vicinity of IRc2 and the presence of several Herbig-Haro objects. The NICMOS images appear(More)
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