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Along with rapid technological advancements, the need for developing suitable frameworks for protecting privacy of individuals becomes essential for the wide-spread acceptance of knowledge-based applications. Privacy Preserving Data Mining has become an active area of research recently to address privacy issues whenever the data is to be provided for a(More)
Many private organizations are reluctant to share the health related information to the researchers fearing loss of privacy of data. The non availability of data has potential negative implications for the advancement of medical science, the development of new pharmaceutical products, better diagnosis of disease and for national and micro-level health(More)
Requirements Elicitation is a practice [1] that aids in determining the needs of customers, users and stakeholders in building systems and software that can result in a high probability of satisfying such needs. Requirements Elicitation is the most complex part of the Requirements Engineering (RE) phases and demands as much attention, especially in Global(More)
Project scoping of features and functionalities required to meet the system objectives is critical for project success. An accurate determination of the system boundary to develop software has long been identified as a challenge that practitioners have been attempting to overcome. It is, therefore, important to understand the causes along with the(More)
Domain - specific search focuses on one area of knowledge. Applying broad based ranking algorithms to vertical search domains is not desirable. The broad based ranking model builds upon the data from multiple domains existing on the web. Vertical search engines attempt to use a focused crawler that index only relevant web pages to a predefined topic. With(More)