Anitha Chirumamilla-Chapara

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Using differential display, 55 differentially regulated transcripts were isolated from the Colorado potato beetle, Leptinotarsa decemlineata (Say). The insert sizes of the clones ranged from 114 to 795bp. Fourteen of the transcripts were confirmed by northern blot analysis to be differentially regulated transcripts with respect to the diapause initiation(More)
The sugarbeet root maggot Tetanops myopaeformis (Röder) overwinters as a freeze-tolerant third-instar larva. Although most larvae are considered to overwinter for only 1 year, some may exhibit prolonged diapause in the field. In the laboratory, they can live for over 5 years using a combination of diapause and post-diapause quiescence. In the present study,(More)
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