Anita Vicuña

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A program of intermittent surgical services utilized a mobile facility to support multiple primary care sites in Ecuador. The fiscal and clinical outcomes of the program were analyzed. From 1994 to 2003 the mobile program responded to requests from 15 of 22 provinces of Ecuador for surgical care. The sites served could not offer permanent surgical care.(More)
Five billion people worldwide do not have timely access to surgical care. Cinterandes is one of the only mobile surgical units in low- and middle-income countries. This paper examines the methodology that Cinterandes uses to deliver mobile surgery. Founding and core staff were interviewed, four missions were participated in, and internal documents and(More)
Whenever we perform surgical procedures in modern operating rooms with state of the art technology, or attend patients in the comfort of our office, we should reflect on the fact that millions of people have no access to the most elemental surgical care. At the same time that mankind progresses, the gap between those who can benefit from the advances of(More)
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