Anita Vaughn

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THE PRINCIPAL OBJECTIVE OF THESE MULTISITE STUDIES (FLORIDA, NEW YORK, NEW JERSEY: epicenters for human immunodeficiency virus [HIV] among women) was to develop and implement effective combinations of behavioral interventions to optimize the health status of the most neglected and understudied population affected by the acquired immunodeficiency syndrome(More)
This study examined and compared bilabial compression force difference limen (DL) values (the minimally perceivable difference between two compression forces) for a group of twenty normal-speaking female subjects (mean age, 25 years) under conditions with and without the teeth clenched. In addition, measures of maximum bilabial compression force under(More)
BACKGROUND: Complementary or discrepant stages of change for multiple risk behaviors can guide the development of effective risk reduction interventions for multiple risk factors. The objectives of this study were to assess readiness to change physical activity and dietary practices and the relationships among readiness scores for physical activity and(More)
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