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In this paper, the novel inverse synthetic aperture secondary radar wireless positioning technique is introduced. The proposed concept allows for a precise spatial localization of a backscatter transponder even in dense multipath environments. A novel secondary radar signal evaluation concept compensates for the unknown modulation phase of the returned(More)
OBJECTIVE In the past, our group took the position that we would not provide multifetal pregnancy reduction to a singleton regardless of starting number except for serious maternal medical indications or as a selective termination for diagnosed fetal anomalies. With evidence of increased safety and more women (many aged 40 years or more) asking for(More)
In real-time PCR, it is necessary to consider the efficiency of amplification (EA) of amplicons in order to determine initial target levels properly. EAs can be deduced from standard curves, but these involve extra effort and cost and may yield invalid EAs. Alternatively, EA can be extracted from individual fluorescence curves. Unfortunately, this is not(More)
Evaluation of the dynamics of in-group strain was conducted with conjunction with the 90-day modelling of space flight (ECOPSY-95). Baseline were the data of sociometric testing and analysis of video records of movements and behavior of the main and visiting crews (three members in each). Global assessment of the in-group strain was made on integration of(More)
OBJECTIVE Multifetal pregnancy as a result of ovulation induction (OI) and assisted reproductive technologies (ART) correlate with Board certification in reproductive endocrinology and infertility (REI). DESIGN Retrospective chart analysis of 304 patients referred to Wayne State University (WSU) and Thomas Jefferson University (TJU) for multifetal(More)
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