Anita Steib

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Glutamine uptake has been studied in purified rat brain mitochondria of synaptic or non-synaptic origin. It was taken up by an active saturable transport mechanism, with an affinity two-times higher in synaptic than in non-synaptic mitochondria (Km = 0.45 and 0.94 mM, respectively). Vmax of uptake was 7-times higher in synaptic mitochondria (Vmax = 9.2 and(More)
Fertile eggs from Bovans hybrid were treated with dexamethasone on day 17 of incubation. This treatment resulted in a stimulation of the surfactant synthesis as recorded by the increased uptake of 14C-choline into the pulmonary phosphatidylcholine and the accumulation of lipoid vacuoles. On the other hand, dexamethasone caused a delay in pulmonary fluid(More)
Chick embryos were treated on day 17 of incubation with 32.8 mumol thiourea or 18.9 nmol L-thyroxine. As was already known from previous studies, hatching was delayed and accelerated, respectively, under these conditions. The premature induction of hatching by L-thyroxine was accompanied by an advanced development of the pulmonary structure and of the(More)
Flow cytometry is a common approach to study invertebrate immune cells including earthworm coelomocytes. However, the link between light-scatter- and microscopy-based phenotyping remains obscured. Here we show, by means of light scatter-based cell sorting, both subpopulations (amoebocytes and eleocytes) can be physically isolated with good sort efficiency(More)
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