Anita S H Patel

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BACKGROUND Cognitive difficulties are prevalent in people with a diagnosis of schizophrenia and are associated with poor long-term functioning. AIMS To evaluate the effectiveness of cognitive remediation therapy on cognitive difficulties experienced by people with schizophrenia. METHOD Participants with a diagnosis of schizophrenia, a social behaviour(More)
BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE Although stroke units reduce mortality and institutionalization, their comparative cost-effectiveness is unknown. METHODS Healthcare, social services, and informal care costs were compared for 447 acute stroke patients randomly assigned to stroke unit, stroke team, or domiciliary stroke care. Prospective and retrospective methods(More)
BACKGROUND Minimizing death and ensuring high retention and good adherence remain ongoing challenges for human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) treatment programs. We examined whether the addition of community-based accompaniment (characterized by daily home visits from a community health worker, directly observed treatment, nutritional support, transportation(More)
Background. Social phobia has been under-recognised and under-treated in many countries. Little is known about its economic impact. This study aimed to identify the economic consequences of social phobia for individuals, health services and wider society. Methods. Secondary analysis of 1993-1994 Psychiatric Morbidity Survey data compared 63 people with(More)
BACKGROUND Training care givers reduces their burden and improves psychosocial outcomes in care givers and patients at one year. However, the cost effectiveness of this approach has not been investigated. OBJECTIVE To evaluate the cost effectiveness of caregiver training by examining health and social care costs, informal care costs, and quality adjusted(More)
BACKGROUND Heavy users of psychiatric services, often defined as the population that uses the most beds, consume a large part of the resources used by the whole service, despite being relatively small in number. Any intervention that reduces heavy use is therefore likely to lead to significant savings, and enhancement of standard care using a form of(More)
OBJECTIVE To evaluate clinical effectiveness of a self management programme for arthritis in patients in primary care with osteoarthritis. DESIGN Randomised controlled trial. SETTING 74 general practices in the United Kingdom. PARTICIPANTS 812 patients aged 50 and over with osteoarthritis of hips or knees (or both) and pain or disability (or both). (More)
Epidemiologic surveys conducted across Europe indicate that the lifetime prevalence of social anxiety disorder in the general population is close to 7%. The disorder in adulthood rarely presents in its 'pure' form and 70-80% of patients have at least one other psychiatric disorder, most commonly depression. Social anxiety disorder is a risk factor for the(More)
Cognitive deficits in people with schizophrenia are associated with poor functioning and lower quality of life. Because few studies have examined their relationship with service use or costs, it is unclear whether effective cognitive remediation interventions have potential for economic impacts. This study examined associations between cognition and costs(More)
BACKGROUND Post-stroke pneumonia is associated with increased mortality and poor functional outcomes. This study assessed the effectiveness of antibiotic prophylaxis for reducing pneumonia in patients with dysphagia after acute stroke. METHODS We did a prospective, multicentre, cluster-randomised, open-label controlled trial with masked endpoint(More)