Anita Puustjärvi

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There are no prospective population-based studies examining predictive associations between childhood bullying behavior and adult criminality. To study predictive associations between bullying and victimization at age eight and adult criminal offenses. Nationwide birth cohort study from age 8 to 26 years. The sample consists of 5,351 Finnish children born(More)
Psychotropic drugs are more commonly prescribed for children, although scientific evidence about psychotrophic medication and long-term effects thereof in children is scarce. The drugs are often used off-label. ADHD drugs, antipsychotics and antidepressants and melatonin are the most commonly used drugs. ADHD medication possesses the most established(More)
The onset of OCD in a child is influenced by genetic and environmental factors. The most common obsessive thoughts are associated with getting dirty, fear of injury, as well as obsessions about symmetry and exactness. The most common compulsive acts include washing, repetition, checking, counting, touching, arranging and collecting. The majority of children(More)
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