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1. In this commentary we discuss results obtained by a micromethod for the study of Cl− permeability across single nerve membranes from rabbit Deiters' neurons. 2. These results showed the presence of GABAA receptors on the nerve cell membrane cytoplasmic side. 3. We could show that these receptor complexes have a higher affinity for GABA than their(More)
The antisecretory factor (ASF) is a hormone-like protein (m.w. 60,000) that most effectively counteracts hypersecretion in vivo in the small intestine of pigs and rats. The present report demonstrate that 10−13 moles of ASF inhibits significantly the36Cl− permeation through the isolated neuronal plasma membrane of Deiters' cells in rabbits. This effect was(More)
The transport of GABA through the microdissected plasma membrane Deiters' neurone reflects the physiological event of postsynaptic uptake of GABA by its uptake carrier. Sodium valproate at concentrations greater than or equal to 2.4 mM was able to decrease markedly (57%) such a transport. This effect, which reduces the efficiency of the GABA postsynaptic(More)
Fluxes of 36Cl- across freshly prepared Deiters' neuronal membranes have been studied in a two-compartment microchamber simulating the extra- and the intracellular space. The rate of 36Cl- influx was enhanced by gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA) (10(-4) M), the effect being reversed by picrotoxin (10(-4) M) and by bicuculline (10(-5) M). Diazepam(More)
Microdissected Deiters' neuron plasma membranes have been used for studying the passage of GABA through the membrane both in the inward and outward direction. Working with 0.2 mM GABA in the compartment simulating the outside of the neurone and with 2.0 mM GABA in the one simulating the inside we found a net transport of GABA towards the inside. This(More)
A new micromethod for studying the interaction of gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA) with its post-synaptic uptake in a defined type of nerve cell is described. The method involves the isolation by free hand microdissection of Deiters' nerve cells from the rabbit lateral vestibular nucleus and their incubation with tritiated GABA in the presence of 100 mM Na+(More)
A micromethod allowing the study of the characteristics of single GABA-acceptive membranes microdissected from Deiters' neurones was used in order to assess the effects of both "extra"- and "intra"-cellular GABA on Cl- permeability. The results indicate that GABA can activate Cl- permeability in the in----out direction when it is present on the cytoplasmic(More)
36Cl fluxes through microdissected Deiters' neuronal membranes have been studied in a microchamber device simulating the extra- and intracellular compartments. GABA stimulates Cl- permeability through the membranes by 24%. Also, S-100/Ca2+ incorporation into the Deiters' membrane increases 36Cl- permeation to a similar extent. The two effects do not appear(More)
The reduction to the micro-scale of a recently described electrophoretic method for the evaluation of GABA catabolism by GABA-T is presented. The micromethod involves the electrophoresis, in 1 mm diam. capillaries, of small samples of mixtures of [14C]GABA and its metabolites. By coupling this procedure to previously devised micromethods, it was possible to(More)