Anita Meier

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Perchloric acid (70%) was used to create simulated periapical lesions in tooth sockets of 15 dentate cadaver jaw specimens. Using the Trophy USA direct digital radiographic system, linear images were captured at selected time intervals after initial acid application and altered by contrast reversal, pseudocolor enhancement, and two forms of histogram(More)
In this paper, we present an evaluation of vibrotactile onbody feedback for the purpose of pedestrian navigation. For this specific task, many researchers already provide different approaches such as vibrating belts, wristbands or shoes. Still, there are issues left that have to be considered, such as which body position is most suitable, what kind of(More)
Athletes with complete separation of the acromioclavicular joint were uniformly restored to full athletic competence by an operation consisting of direct repair of the involved ligamentous structures with temporary fixation by a metallic lag screw approximating the clavicle to the coracoid. The metallic fixation was left in place an average of eight weeks(More)
Of 105 cases of Colles' fracture, 86 were treated by closed reduction and plaster immobilization alone; 19 cases in which the fractures were more severe were treated by fixed skeletal traction using an external skeletal traction splint. Despite the greater severity of the lesions, the end results, both anatomic and functional, were generally better in those(More)
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