Anita McAllister

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BACKGROUND Remifentanil hydrochloride is an ultra-short-acting, esterase-metabolized mu-opioid receptor agonist. This study compared the use of remifentanil or fentanyl during elective supratentorial craniotomy for space-occupying lesions. METHODS Sixty-three adults gave written informed consent for this prospective, randomized, double-blind,(More)
BACKGROUND There has been little systematic examination concerning the comparative effects of the anesthetized versus the awake state on outcome from cerebral ischemia. This experiment evaluated infarct volume and neurologic function in rats subjected to temporary focal ischemia while anesthetized with either sevoflurane or halothane. Outcome in these(More)
Pitch and intensity range of 60 children were recorded and plotted in voice range profiles (VRPs). Different aspects were investigated: minimum phonation threshold, pitch range, and maximum dynamic range. Vocal fold status was determined via laryngoscopic examination. Ten percent of the children had vocal nodules, 23% glottal chinks. Seven voice experts(More)
Both in vitro and in vivo experiments have implicated extracellular glycine in the pathogenesis of ischemic brain damage. Recently, halogenated derivatives of quinoxaline-2,3-dione have been synthesized that possess bioavailability when parenterally administered and minimal psychotomimetic properties. Such compounds have allowed investigation into the(More)
The aim was to develop a comprehensive screening instrument for evaluation of orofacial dysfunction that was easy to perform for different health professionals without special equipment. The Nordic Orofacial Test--Screening (NOT-S), consisting of a structured interview and clinical examination,was developed with a picture manual illustrating the different(More)
OBJECTIVE To screen orofacial function in people with various ectodermal dysplasia (ED) syndromes and compare with a healthy reference sample. MATERIAL AND METHODS The ED group comprised 46 individuals (30 M and 16 F; mean age 14.5 years, range 3-55). Thirty-two had hypohidrotic ED, while 14 had other ED syndromes. The reference sample comprised 52(More)
In this study we investigated the correlation between individual linguistic ability based on performance levels and their engagement of typical and atypical language areas in the brain. Eighteen healthy subjects between 21 and 64 years participated in language ability tests, and subsequent functional MRI scans measuring brain activity in response to a(More)
According to a previous investigation of children’s voices hoarseness was found to be a stable concept consisting of three main predictors: hyperfunction, breathiness, and roughness. The present investigation analyses the relation between these perceptual voice characteristics, complemented by instability and gratings (high pitched roughness), and four(More)
Phonation threshold pressure has been defined as the minimum subglottal pressure to generate phonation. Previous research has indicated that children may habitually employ higher subglottal pressures than adults. In the present investigation sound pressure level (SPL) and subglottal pressures at different pitch levels were measured at and above phonation(More)
The families of nine children with deviant voice qualities were selected for family treatment according to the SYGESTI model. Recordings of the children's speech were made before and after therapy. Perceptual evaluation of their voice quality showed significant improvement in various perceptual parameters after the therapy. Acoustical analysis confirmed(More)