Anita M M Rood

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LCOs (lipochitin oligosaccharides, Nod factors) produced by the rhizobial symbiote of Vicia sativa subsp. nigra (vetch, an indeterminate-type nodulating plant) are mitogenic when carrying an 18:4 acyl chain but not when carrying an 18:1 acyl chain. This suggests that the 18:4 acyl chain specifically contributes to signaling in indeterminate-type nodulation.(More)
Replacement of the highly basic benzamidine moiety with moderate basic amino-bicycloaryl moieties in a series of thrombin inhibitors related to NAPAMP provided potent enzyme inhibition and significant improvements in membrane transport and oral bioavailability.
In this paper, we report the synthesis of 'non-glycosamino' glycan analogues 5-10 of the antithrombin III binding pentasaccharide 1. Pentasaccharides 5-10 feature a pseudo-alternating EFGH tetrasaccharide sequence, that is, the disaccharide fragments EF and GH have the same substitution pattern. In the synthetic strategy applied for the synthesis of(More)
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