Anita M. Lyons

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The aim was to evaluate pre-post quality of care measures among super-utilizer patients enrolled in the Enhanced Care Program (ECP), a primary care intensive care program. A pre-post analysis of metrics of quality of care for diabetes, hypertension, cancer screenings, and connection to mental health care for participants in the ECP was conducted for(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine which formats communicate medication adherence effectively to patients. METHODS HIV-infected adults on antiretrovirals viewed examples of refill data in 5 formats: (1) percentage of doses, (2) number of days late to refill ("days late"), (3) calendar of days with/without medications, (4) pie chart of days with/without medications,(More)
This study aimed to determine the optimal plant density of lucerne for maximum pasture productivity combined with enhanced environmental outcomes in a Mediterranean climate. Lucerne was sown at different seeding rates (1, 2, 4 or 8 kg ha−1) at two sites (Esperance and Katanning); productivity and soil water extraction was compared with an annual pasture(More)
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