Anita Lloyd Spetz

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A silicon carbide based field effect transistor (SiC-FET) structure was used for methanol sensing. Due to the chemical stability and wide band gap of SiC, these sensors are suitable for applications over a wide temperature range. Two different catalytic metals, Pt and Ir, were tested as gate contacts for detection of methanol. The sensing properties of both(More)
Thermal power plants produce SO 2 during combustion of fuel containing sulfur. One way to decrease the SO 2 emission from power plants is to introduce a sensor as part of the control system of the desulphurization unit. In this study, SiC-FET sensors were studied as one alternative sensor to replace the expensive FTIR (Fourier Transform Infrared) instrument(More)
Gas sensitive FETs based on SiC have been studied for the discrimination and quantification of hazardous volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in the low ppb range. The sensor performance was increased by temperature cycled operation (TCO) and data evaluation based on multivariate statistics, here Linear Discriminant Analysis (LDA). Discrimination of(More)
In this work, WS2 nanowire-nanoflake hybrids are synthesized by the sulfurization of hydrothermally grown WO3 nanowires. The influence of temperature on the formation of products is optimized to grow WS2 nanowires covered with nanoflakes. Current-voltage and resistance-temperature measurements carried out on random networks of the nanostructures show(More)
Lab-on-CMOS chips (LOCMOS) are sophisticated miniaturized analysis tools based on integrated circuit (IC) microchips performing various laboratory functions. We have developed a low temperature co-fired ceramic (LTCC) package for a LOCMOS application regarding cytotoxicity assessment of nanomaterials. The LTCC packaged capacitance sensor chip is designed(More)
Experiments were performed both in the laboratory and a desulfurization pilot unit in order to improve the SiC-FET sensor performance using two-step data evaluation. In both cases, a porous Pt-gate enhancement type SiC-FET was utilized in a temperature cycled operation (TCO). Liner Discriminant Analysis (LDA) was chosen as the method for multivariate data(More)
  • Zhafira Darmastuti, zhafira Darmastuti, Populärvetenskaplig Sammanfattning, Z Darmastuti, C Bur, P Möller +25 others
  • 2014
Electricity and power generation is an essential part of our life. However, power generation activities also create by-products (such as sulphur oxides, nitrogen oxides , carbon monoxide, etc), which can be dangerous when released to the atmosphere. Sensors, as part of the control system, play very vital role for the flue gas cleaning processes in power(More)
Two types of SiC based Field Effect Transistor sensors, with Pt or Ir gate, were tested to detect methanol in the concentration range 0-1600 ppm for both process control and leak detection applications. The methanol response was investigated both with and without oxygen, since the process control might be considered as oxygen free application, while the(More)
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