Anita Lloyd Spetz

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ZnO nanostructured materials, such as films and nanoparticles, could provide a suitable platform for development of high performance biosensors due to their unique fundamental material properties. This paper reviews different preparation techniques of ZnO nanocrystals and material issues like wettability, biocompatibility and toxicity, which have an(More)
Epitaxially grown single layer and multi layer graphene on SiC devices were fabricated and compared for response towards NO 2. Due to electron donation from SiC, single layer graphene is n-type with a very low carrier concentration. The choice of substrate is demonstrated to enable tailoring of the electronic properties of graphene, with a SiC substrate(More)
The IC-compatible thin film bulk acoustic resonator (FBAR) technology has made it possible to move the thickness excited shear mode sensing of biological layers into a new sensing regime using substantially higher operation frequencies than the conventionally used quartz crystal microbalance (QCM). The limitations of the linear range set by the film(More)
In this paper temperature modulation and gate bias modulation of a gas sensitive field effect transistor based on silicon carbide (SiC-FET) are combined in order to increase the selectivity. Data evaluation based on extracted features describing the shape of the sensor response was performed using multivariate statistics, here by Linear Discriminant(More)
Gas sensitive FETs based on SiC have been studied for the discrimination and quantification of hazardous volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in the low ppb range. The sensor performance was increased by temperature cycled operation (TCO) and data evaluation based on multivariate statistics, here Linear Discriminant Analysis (LDA). Discrimination of(More)
A silicon carbide based field effect transistor (SiC-FET) structure was used for methanol sensing. Due to the chemical stability and wide band gap of SiC, these sensors are suitable for applications over a wide temperature range. Two different catalytic metals, Pt and Ir, were tested as gate contacts for detection of methanol. The sensing properties of both(More)
Dirac points with giant spin-orbit splitting in the electronic structure of two-dimensional transition-metal carbides, 2015, Physical Review B. Two-dimensional (2D) materials, especially their most prominent member, graphene, have greatly influenced many scientific areas. Moreover, they have become a base for investigating the relativistic properties of(More)