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Chickpea plants were subjected to salt stress for 48 h with 100 mM NaCl, after 50 days of growth. Other batches of plants were simultaneously treated with 0.2 mM sodium nitroprusside (NO donor) or 0.5 mM putrescine (polyamine) to examine their antioxidant effects. Sodium chloride stress adversely affected the relative water content (RWC), electrolyte(More)
Sinopodophyllum hexandrum is an endangered medicinal herb, which is commonly present in elevations ranging between 2,400–4,500 m and is sensitive to temperature. Medicinal property of the species is attributed to the presence of podophyllotoxin in the rhizome tissue. The present work analyzed transcriptome of rhizome tissue of S. hexandrum exposed to 15°C(More)
Picrorhiza kurrooa Royle ex Benth. is an endangered plant species of medicinal importance. The medicinal property is attributed to monoterpenoids picroside I and II, which are modulated by temperature. The transcriptome information of this species is limited with the availability of few hundreds of expressed sequence tags (ESTs) in the public databases. In(More)
Tea, a beverage crop, is a rich source of polyphenols and polysaccharides which greatly attribute to its importance. However, oxidation and precipitation of these compounds during nucleic acids extraction is a limitation to molecular biology and genomic studies. On isolation of total RNA from root tissue using established protocols, difficulties were(More)
The ocular insert represents a significant advancement in the therapy of eye disease. Ocular inserts are defined as sterile, thin, multilayered, drug-impregnated, solid or semisolid consistency devices placed into the cul-de-sac or conjuctival sac, whose size and shape are especially designed for ophthalmic application. They are composed of a polymeric(More)
AIM The present study was aimed to determine the efficacy of integrated FDG PET/CT in patients with gallbladder cancer (GBC) with suspicion of recurrent disease. METHODS A total of 49 patients (male: 15, female: 34; median age: 52.5 years) with GBC underwent FDG PET/CT for suspected recurrence. A total of 62 PET/CT scans were acquired. Criteria for(More)
— In a rake receiver for coherent binary orthogonal signaling with (1) a delayed received signal configuration, (2) tap weight estimation by adding two matched filtered outputs using the two reference signals, and (3) predetection maximal-ratio combining (MRC), the tap weight estimation errors are not independent of the additive noise in the channel. Hence(More)
—Magnetic cellular automata (MCA) is a variant of quantum-dot-cellular automata (QCA) where neighboring single-domain nanomagnets (also termed as magnetic cell) process and propagate information (logic 1 or logic 0) through mutual interaction. The attractive nature of this framework is that not only room temperature operations are feasible but also(More)
—Consider a Rake receiver for coherent binary an-tipodal signaling with: 1) a delayed received signal configuration; 2) weight estimation by matched filtering using the reference signal along with the decisions of the previous M symbol intervals ; and 3) predetection maximal-ratio combining (MRC). The weight estimation errors here are not independent of the(More)