Anita K Satyaprakash

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BACKGROUND Proliferating trichilemmal tumors (PTTs) are uncommon lesions whose histologic hallmark is the presence of trichilemmal keratinization. PTT is thought to originate from the trichilemmal cyst (TC) and have the potential for malignant transformation, at which point it is termed a malignant proliferating trichilemmal tumor (MPTT). These lesions may(More)
Human papillomaviruses (HPV) are responsible for both benign anogenital warts and malignant disease in humans, especially cervical cancer. Dermatologists in India recognize a great many cases of anogenital warts, and afflicted individuals may be at increased risk of coinfection with oncogenic HPV types. For this reason, dermatologists are in a position to(More)
There are countless bacterial pathogens that cause disease in humans. Many of these bacterial infections not only cause significant morbidity and mortality in the human population but also cause a significant economic impact on society. Vaccines allow for reduction and potential eradication of such diseases. This article will review the currently approved(More)
Cervical and other cancers linked to the human papillomavirus (HPV) are a cause of significant morbidity and mortality. Since the discovery of HPV as a cause of these cancers, there has been much research and development in the field of HPV vaccination. Two current prophylactic vaccines have proved highly effective in preventing disease because of the(More)
In the past, the varicella zoster virus affected virtually the entire population and had substantial morbidity and mortality associated with both primary varicella and herpes zoster reactivation. Since the varicella vaccine was first approved in 1995, there has been a significant decline in incidence, morbidity, and mortality caused by primary varicella.(More)
Human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) infection is a worldwide epidemic, with over 42 million people currently infected. Since the discovery of HIV as the causative agent of the acquired immune deficiency syndrome (AIDS), many potential vaccines have been created. The first of these vaccines presented disappointing results; however, that has not deterred(More)
BACKGROUND A phase 2 trial was conducted to evaluate the efficacy of a topical antiviral, sorivudine, as an adjuvant to valacyclovir for the treatment of acute herpes zoster. METHODS In this randomized, placebo-controlled, double-blind trial, 25 patients were treated with either sorivudine or placebo cream. All patients began 7 days of valacyclovir(More)
The innovation of vaccines has allowed for one of the greatest advancements in the history of public health. The first of the vaccines have been the antiviral vaccines, in particular the smallpox vaccine that was first developed by Edward Jenner in 1796. This article will review vaccination for the following viral diseases: measles, mumps, rubella, polio,(More)
A lthough procalcitonin (PCT) serum level is still considered to be a highly specific and sensitive biologic marker of severe bacterial infections, it can be increased in noninfectious situations such as diffuse metastatic solid cancers, C-cell carcinoma of the thyroid gland, major trauma or surgery, or after cardiopulmonary bypass. Herein we show that PCT(More)
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