Anita K Musiol

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1,3-Butadiene and acrylonitrile are important industrial chemicals that have a high production volume and are ubiquitous environmental pollutants. The urinary mercapturic acids of 1,3-butadiene and(More)
Mercapturic acids are highly important and specific biomarkers of exposure to carcinogenic substances in occupational and environmental medicine. We have developed and validated a reliable, specific(More)
Analysis of biomarkers in exhaled breath condensate (EBC) is a non-invasive method for investigating the effects of different diseases or exposures, on the lungs and airways.(More)
The analysis of biomarkers from exhaled breath condensate (EBC) is a non-invasive but challenging method for the detection of pulmonary diseases. The amino acids L-proline (Pro) and l-tyrosine (Tyr)(More)
BACKGROUND Determinations of inflammatory markers in exhaled breath condensate were used to assess airway inflammation. The most applied method for this kind of determination is enzyme immunoassay.(More)