Anita Hristova-Dimceva

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HLA-DRB1, DRB3/4/5 and DQB1 polymorphism has been studied in a population of 80 unrelated healthy Macedonians using molecular methods. Twenty-five different DRB1 alleles were identified of which DRB1*1104, *1501, *1601, and *1101 were found most frequently. Among the 15 identified DQB1 alleles, two were predominant: DQB1*0301 and *0502. The most frequent(More)
BACKGROUND Subclinical and acute rejections (SAR/AR) continue to have a negative impact on graft survival. The aim of our study was to analyze allograft rejection and nitric oxide (NO) levels in patients with protocol- and clinically-indicated biopsies in relationship with other causes of allograft dysfunction, and to evaluate the clinical impact of NO(More)
Human leukocyte antigens (HLA) at loci A (14 antigens) and loci B (29 antigens) were determined in 2,385 healthy Macedonians, using the microlymphocytotoxicity test. Results were compared with those obtained in Caucasians. The most common HLA antigens in the Macedonian population are: A2 (51.65%), A1 (25.87%), A3 (17.14%) and A24 (20.41%) for loci A and B51(More)
Transplantations using grafts from living donors were performed on 70 patients with chronic kidney failure, 66 of them involved matching recipients-donors and four involved non-matching recipients-donors. Immunological data were analyzed in 56 pairs of recipients and patients. Of these pairs, one was identical, seven had three identical antigens, 46 were(More)
(Full text is available at The aim of the study was to establish the predictive role of maximal aortic-jet velocity, i.e. its annual rate of progression, in the decision in favour of aortic valve replacement (AVR), as well as in the event appearance and/or patients' survival with severe asymptomatic aortic stenosis. 49(More)
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