Anita Honka

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Healthy lifestyle is essential in prevention of chronic diseases. However, people need motivation and support to achieve and to maintain behavior changes. Moreover, effective behavior change support should be personalized to individual's unique characteristics, needs and context. This paper presents a blueprint of an ICT system, which is able to provide(More)
Lifestyle is a key determinant in the prevention and management of chronic diseases. If we would exercise regularly, eat healthy, control our weight, sleep enough, manage stress, not smoke and use alcohol only moderately, 90% of type II diabetes, 80% of coronary heart disease, and 70% of stroke could be prevented. Health statistics show that lifestyle(More)
Regular aerobic exercise is a recommended treatment for elevated blood pressure (BP). However, making permanent lifestyle changes is not easy. Having personally relevant information about the treatment, about its effects and importance, is a precondition for motivation. Thus, the first step towards a successful lifestyle change is appropriate education.(More)
Introduction Home-based programmes for cardiac rehabilitation play a key role in the recovery of patients with coronary artery disease. However, their necessary educational and motivational components have been rarely implemented with the help of modern mobile technologies. We developed a mobile health system designed for motivating patients to adhere to(More)
A system to provide cardiac patients with the possibility to perform safe and beneficial exercise during their rehabilitation was developed within the EU project Heartcycle. Within the system, algorithms use physiological signals from a wearable device (embedded in a shirt) to guide the patient through the exercise. After having been technically validated,(More)
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