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Despite a venerable history dating back to Pavlov and countless testimonials from patients such as those in the opening paragraphs of this chapter, there is much that remains to be learned about drug signals and, particularly, about ways of reducing their adverse effects on human drug users. There is a substantial amount of data showing increased craving(More)
Opiate addicts beginning a new treatment episode on a methadone maintenance program were offered random assignment to drug counseling alone or to counseling plus six months of either supportive-expressive psychotherapy or cognitive-behavioral psychotherapy. Sixty percent of patients meeting the study criteria expressed an interest and 60% of these actually(More)
An opportunity to receive a six-month course of professional psychotherapy in addition to paraprofessional counseling was offered to opiate addicts who were beginning a new treatment episode on a methadone maintenance program. The treatments offered were drug counseling alone (DC), counseling plus supportive-expressive psychotherapy (SE), or counseling plus(More)
Sixty-nine cocaine-dependent outpatients were exposed to cocaine-related stimuli and to non-drug events on separate days. Cocaine cue sessions were always followed by a meeting with a trained clinician designed to eliminate any craving that remained following cue presentations. Urine samples were collected before each laboratory session and 1 to 3 days(More)
BACKGROUND Continuing to smoke after a cancer diagnosis can adversely influence the prognosis for patients with cancer. However, remarkably few studies have carefully examined the use of first-line FDA-approved medications for nicotine dependence in patients with cancer. This study evaluated the feasibility, safety, and effect on cessation of varenicline(More)
HIV-infected smokers lose more years of life to tobacco-related disease than HIV. Since neurocognitive deficits are common among those with HIV and are associated with smoking persistence, these deficits may be a unique barrier to smoking cessation among HIV-infected smokers. Documenting unique differences in and correlates of cognition among HIV-infected(More)
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