Anita Haudum

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BACKGROUND The purpose of the study was to compare the variability of biomechanical variables during treadmill walking using unstable shoes (Masai Barefoot Technology, MBT, Roggwil, Switzerland) and conventional shoes, before and after a 10 week (wk) training period. METHODS Cycle characteristics, plantar pressure distribution, whole body 3D kinematics,(More)
This paper explores the effect of goal-oriented external perturbations created by elastic tubes attached to the hip and ankles on lower limb joint variability and hip-knee and knee-ankle coordination variability during running. Kinematics of ten healthy male runners were analysed prior to and following a 7-week tube running intervention while running with(More)
We investigated the effect of a one-time application of elastic constraints on movement-inherent variability during treadmill running. Eleven males ran two 35-min intervals while surface EMG was measured. In one of two 35-min intervals, after 10 min of running without tubes, elastic tubes (between hip and heels) were attached, followed by another 5 min of(More)
We examined the effect of an acute bout of treadmill running with rubber tube (RT) and without rubber tube (NT) elastic constraints on electromyographic (EMG), 3D kinematics variability, and blood lactate concentration (LA). In the RT test, the constraints were attached to the hips and ankles. The selected variables were compared between 30 min of NT(More)
The induction of self-organization during running with a special harness may lead to reduced energy requirements. This experiment was designed to investigate the effect of practicing with a rubber tubing constraint attached between the heel and the hip for 7 wk. (18 treadmill running sessions) on oxygen consumption, caloric unit cost, blood lactate(More)
In the current study, the running pattern of the lower extremity was examined while being perturbed through tubes attached between the ankles and the lower back to analyze influences on the running pattern variability before and after a varied running intervention. 3D-kinematics, joint coupling and electromyography (EMG), as well as their variability, were(More)
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