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BACKGROUND Vascular anomalies comprise a diverse group of diagnoses. While infantile hemangiomas are common, the majority of these conditions are quite rare and have not been widely studied. Some of these lesions, though benign, can impair vital structures, be deforming, or even become life-threatening. Vascular tumors such as kaposiform(More)
Opioids are commonly used to treat moderate to severe pain. Opioid-induced hyperalgesia is a paradoxical response to opioid agonists resulting in an increased perception of pain rather than an antinociceptive effect. Even though there is a debate regarding its clinical relevance, it is becoming a challenge in both acute and chronic pain settings. The study(More)
Single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) is the most abundant DNA sequence variation present in plant genomes. Here, we report the design and validation of a unique genic-SNP genotyping chip for genetic and evolutionary studies as well as molecular breeding applications in rice. The chip incorporates 50,051 SNPs from 18,980 different genes spanning 12 rice(More)
Whole-genome sequencing, particularly in fungi, has progressed at a tremendous rate. More difficult, however, is experimental testing of the inferences about gene function that can be drawn from comparative sequence analysis alone. We present a genome-wide functional characterization of a sequenced but experimentally understudied budding yeast,(More)
UNLABELLED This study assessed the timing and eruption sequence of primary teeth in children of Sunsari district of Eastern Nepal and compared the eruption pattern of males & females between various, ethnic groups. METHOD This cross-sectional study, included 501 subjects, aged 3 months to 60 months selected by simple random sampling method. The(More)
OBJECTIVE To use external anatomical landmarks to determine a new method for the estimation of appropriate insertion length of umbilical catheters, suitable for newborn infants of varying birth weight (BW) and gestational age. STUDY DESIGN Neonates who had umbilical venous (UVC) or arterial (UAC) catheters placed soon after birth were included in the(More)
Vascular anomalies can be detected in utero and should be considered in the setting of solid, mixed or cystic lesions in the fetus. Evaluation of the gray-scale and color Doppler US and MRI characteristics can guide diagnosis. We present a case-based pictorial essay to illustrate the prenatal imaging characteristics in 11 pregnancies with vascular(More)
Transient retinal ischemia results in a delayed cell death of the inner retinal layers. This study demonstrates that this ischemic cell death occurs, at least in part, through apoptosis. The general endonuclease inhibitor, aurintricarboxylic acid, protected rat retinal cells from ischemic cell damage when administered before the onset of ischemia and, more(More)
BACKGROUND Epidural steroid injection is the most frequently performed pain procedure. This study of epidural steroid "control" injections aimed to determine whether epidural nonsteroid injections constitute a treatment or true placebo in comparison with nonepidural injections for back and neck pain treatment. METHODS This systematic review with direct(More)