Anita Grupp

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Coordination polymers of palladium stabilized by dimethylaminoalkylselenolate and carboxylate ligands are reported. The reaction of [PdCl(SeCH2 CH2 NMe2 )]3 with AgOTf followed by treatment with sodium acetate afforded [Pd(0) Pd(II) 4 (SeCH2 CH2 NMe2 )3 (OAc)3 ](OTf)2 (1) in which one of the Pd atoms is in the zero oxidation state. In the absence of NaOAc,(More)
The unsymmetrical diruthenium complexes [(bpy)2Ru(II)(μ-H2L(2-))Ru(III)(acac)2]ClO4 ([3]ClO4), [(pap)2RuII(μ-H2L(2-))Ru(III)(acac)2]ClO4 ([4]ClO4), and [(bpy)2Ru(II)(μ-H2L(2-))Ru(II)(pap)2](ClO4)2 ([5](ClO4)2) have been obtained by way of the mononuclear precursors [(bpy)2Ru(II)(H3L(-))]ClO4 ([1]ClO4) and [(pap)2Ru(II)(H3L(-))]ClO4 ([2]ClO4) (where bpy =(More)
The new compounds [Ru(acac)2(BIAN)], BIAN = bis(arylimino)acenaphthene (aryl = Ph (1a), 4-MeC6H4 (2a), 4-OMeC6H4 (3a), 4-ClC6H4 (4a), 4-NO2C6H4 (5a)), were synthesized and structurally, electrochemically, spectroscopically, and computationally characterized. The α-diimine sections of the compounds exhibit intrachelate ring bond lengths 1.304 Å < d(CN) <(More)
Reversible proton- and electron-transfer steps are crucial for various chemical transformations. The electron-reservoir behavior of redox non-innocent ligands and the proton-reservoir behavior of chemically non-innocent ligands can be cooperatively utilized for substrate bond activation. Although site-decoupled proton- and electron-transfer steps are often(More)
The new compounds [(bpy)2Os(II)(μ-L1(2-))Os(II)(bpy)2](ClO4)2 ([1](ClO4)2) and [(pap)2Os(II)(μ-L1(2-))Os(II)(pap)2](ClO4)2 ([2](ClO4)2) (H2L1 = 1,4-dihydroxy-9,10-anthraquinone, bpy = 2,2(/)-bipyridine, and pap = 2-phenylazopyridine) and [(bpy)2Os(II)(μ-L2(•-))Os(II)(bpy)2](ClO4)3 ([3](ClO4)3) and [(pap)2Os(II)(μ-L2(2-))Os(II)(pap)2](ClO4)2 ([4](ClO4)2)(More)
Dinuclear compounds [L2Ru(μ-E)RuL2](n) where L is acetylacetonate (acac(-), 2,4-pentanedionate), 2,2'-bipyridine (bpy), or 2-phenylazopyridine (pap) and EH4 is ellagic acid, an antioxidative bis-catechol natural product, were studied by voltammetric and spectroelectrochemical techniques (UV-vis-NIR and electron paramagnetic resonance (EPR)). The electronic(More)
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