Anita G. Turner

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A chlorophyll c-like pigment, similar to magnesium-3,8-divinyl pheoporphyrin a5 monomethyl ester, has been isolated from Prochloron sp. obtained from five species of didemnid ascidians from the Great Barrier Reef, Australia, and from Palau, Micronesia. The pigment represents 4-15% of the total chlorophyll content and is shown to function in a(More)
OBJECTIVES To determine circumstances surrounding the ingestion of caustic substances, the incidence of respiratory and gastrointestinal symptoms at presentation, and the degree of investigation and active treatment during hospitalisation. Long term respiratory and gastrointestinal sequelae were also studied. DESIGN Retrospective case note study covering(More)
Culture filtrates of Nomuraea rileyi showed comparable proteolytic activity on two substrates: casein and freeze dried cuticle of Heliothis zea larvae. Optimum proteolytic activity occurred on day 4 post inoculation. The enzyme was observed to have a broad pH optimum range from 6–9 with maximum activity occurring at pH 8. At pH 7.6, the enzyme showed a(More)
A considerable body of evidence exists suggesting that the beta(2)-adrenergic receptor (beta(2)-AR) mediates uterine relaxation. However, little information exists on the localization, distribution, or expression of beta(2)-ARs in the human myometrium during the nonpregnant to labor transition. We have used immunochemical methods to investigate beta(2)-AR(More)
Missense mutations in the TP53 tumor-suppressor gene inactivate its antitumorigenic properties and endow the incipient cells with newly acquired oncogenic properties that drive invasion and metastasis. Although the oncogenic effect of mutant p53 transcriptome has been widely acknowledged, the global influence of mutant p53 on cancer cell proteome remains to(More)
always carry with it a degree of tension. Trainees’ conceptions of what is important will be influenced by several factors—their daily practice, the views of their peers, their trainers, what has been previously examined—whereas the College has a responsibility to select a breadth and depth of topics that reflect wider aspects of practice. Choosing what is(More)
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