Anita G. M. dos Santos

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Narrative therapy suggests that change happens by paying close attention in therapy to "unique outcomes," which are narrative details outside the main story (White & Epston, 1990). In this exploratory study, unique outcomes were analyzed in five good-outcome and five poor-outcome psychotherapy cases using the Innovative Moments Coding System (Gonçalves,(More)
This article presents a method for the assessment of innovative moments, which are novelties that emerge in contrast to a client's problematic self-narrative as expressed in therapy, the innovative moments coding system (IMCS). The authors discuss the theoretical background of the IMCS as well as its coding procedures. Results from several studies suggest(More)
According to the author's narrative model of change, clients may maintain a problematic self-stability across therapy, leading to therapeutic failure, by a mutual in-feeding process, which involves a cyclical movement between two opposing parts of the self. During innovative moments (IMs) in the therapy dialogue, clients' dominant self-narrative is(More)
OBJECTIVES Our aim was to explore the development of innovative moments (i-moments) in therapeutic conversation and to study how they match our heuristic model that accounts for the development of change, drawn from previous empirical research. DESIGN In this therapeutic process research, we analysed a good outcome case of narrative therapy with a woman(More)
Researchers and professionals know the importance of the documentation for the efficient maintenance of legacy software. Unfortunately , many legacy systems lack this important artifact. Maintenance then becomes a difficult process where software engineers must study and understand the system over and over again. A possible solution out of this situation is(More)
Intimate partner violence (IPV) is a common phenomenon worldwide. However, there is a relative dearth of qualitative research exploring IPV in which men are the victims of their female partners. The present study used a qualitative approach to explore how Portuguese men experience IPV. Ten male victims (aged 35–75) who had sought help from domestic violence(More)
AIMS The present study focuses on the analysis of novelty emergence in classic Gloria Films with Rogers, Perls, and Ellis to understand how the same client formulated her own problem and if and how change occurred in those three sessions. METHOD The Innovative Moments Coding System was applied to track innovative moments (IMs) and their themes. RESULTS(More)
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