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An ultrastructural study was carried out on the secretory activity of the ectal mandibular gland in the wasp Polistes dominulus (foundress and worker females as well as males). Secretory activity in foundresses proceeds slowly during hibernation and early spring, becoming prominent in late spring and then falling sharply during the summer. This sequential(More)
The lymphoproliferative response to phytohemagglutinin of lymphocytes and spontaneous motility, chemotaxis and phagocytic activity of granulocytes were studied in the newborn and adult blood in the presence of bilirubin and photobilirubin. All of these activities were inhibited to the same extent by these substances. In addition, a significant difference(More)
Fetal committed erythroid progenitors CFU-E and M-BFU-E released into the maternal circulation during pregnancy are ideal candidates for in vitro proliferation since their lifespan is short and they can form colonies of 100-1000 cells in a semi-solid medium. In order to propagate these cells with a high rate of purity, a strategy was devised based on their(More)
Different doses (0.5-20 mg/kg) of hematoporphyrin (HP) have been injected intraperitoneally into normal rats and rats affected by Yoshida ascites hepatoma. About 80% of HP reaching the liver was recovered in the extracellular compartment after liver perfusion, the ratio of extra- to intracellular HP being essentially independent of the administered dose.(More)
In order to investigate the main sites of action of phototherapy in the treatment of neonatal jaundice we studied (a) the in vivo and in vitro relationship between the hematocrit and the effectiveness of phototherapy, and (b) the effect of varying the skin area exposed to light. The results show that the hematocrit does not influence in vivo the efficacy of(More)