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Segregation analyses performed for many livestock species indicate a mixed inheritance model of reproductive traits. Additionally, depending on the population, a given trait can be determined by a number of genes with large effects. Genetic backgrounds of hatch-ability and fertility in poultry are still not known sufficiently. The objectives of this study(More)
In the presented study, three methods of copper fractionation – Tessier et al., BCR, and Zeien-Brümmer – were compared. The object of experiments comprised soil samples collected from the drilling level (0-25 cm) of soils situated at two transects (eastern and western) and at different distances from the source of emission (i.e. shaft furnace chimneys) near(More)
The paper presents a method of multivariate data analysis described by a model which involves fixed effects, additive polygenic individual effects and the effects of a major gene. To find the estimates of model parameters, the maximization of likelihood function method is applied. The maximum of likelihood function is computed by the use of the Gibbs(More)
In the analysis of dependencies between nominal traits entropy and its function, mutual information seems to be a proper descriptive statistic. This is shown by characterizing the relationships between the prolificacy of dams and selected genetic attributes: the genotype of transferrin, the genotype of hemoglobin, and the type of birth, as well as the(More)
Electron transfer in the reaction center of the purple photosynthetic bacterium Rb. sphaeroides R-26 has been studied at room temperature by transient absorption spectroscopy with a time resolution of 120 fs. Measurements of absorption changes were performed in the range from 400 nm up to 680 nm, after excitation with a laser pulse of 80 fs duration within(More)
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