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Critical perspectives on CSR and development: what we know, what we don`t know, and what we need to know
The May 2005 issue of International Affairs addressed the theme of critical perspectives on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in the developing world. The aim of this article is to take theExpand
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China, Corporatism, and the East Asian Model
  • J. Unger, Anita Chan
  • Political Science
  • The Australian Journal of Chinese Affairs
  • 1 January 1995
The social-science paradigms that China scholars employed in former decades do not adequately fit China as of the 1990s. Western scholars today find themselves struggling to reconceptualize theExpand
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Recent Trends in Chinese Labour Issues—Signs of Change
In the Western press, there regularly have been reports about the plight of Chinese paid a pittance for working long hours making products for export. The reports are accurate, and in fact, in aExpand
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Labor Standards and Human Rights: The Case of Chinese Workers Under Market Socialism
The world has been awed by China's rapid economic development, labeling it "the latest Asian miracle." Some writers predict it will be the world's biggest economy in the next century.' However, theyExpand
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Human Resource Management in China: Past, Current and Future HR Practices in the Industrial Sector
Human Resource Management in China: Past, Current and Future HR Practices in the Industrial Sector, by Cherrie Jiuhua Zhu. London: Routledge, 2005. xvi + 285pp. £65.00 (hardcover). This book's valueExpand
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A Race to the Bottom: Globalisation and China's Labour Standards
The Chinese government rejoiced on the occasion of gaining World Trade Organisation membership in November 2001. There was an expectation in Peking that once the country became integrated into theExpand
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Challenges and Possibilities for Democratic Grassroots Union Elections in China
In 2001 and 2002, Reebok facilitated democratic trade union elections at two of its supplier factories in China. After initial successes in one factory in bargaining with management to improveExpand
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  • Anita Chan
  • Sociology
  • The China Journal
  • 1 January 2011
Several Chinese and Vietnamese instances are analyzed and compared to explain the nature, causes and underlying factors that lead to the strikes in the Chinese export industries. The labor laws,Expand
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Racing to the bottom: international trade without a social clause
Linking trade concessions to compliance with internationally recognised labour standards is referred to as a ‘social clause’. The social clause is usually depicted as causing division between theExpand
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Coding Free Software, Coding Free States: Free Software Legislation and the Politics of Code in Peru
In December 2001, a legislative proposal was introduced to the Peruvian Congress that would have mandated the use of free software on government computers. The introduction of the bill, dubbed theExpand
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