Anita C Hernández

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A unified optimization criterion for Carnot engines and refrigerators is proposed. It consists of maximizing the product of the heat absorbed by the working system times the efficiency per unit time of the device, either the engine or the refrigerator. This criterion can be applied to both low symmetric dissipation Carnot engines and refrigerators. For(More)
Full analytical models of heat engines and refrigerators in linear irreversible thermodynamics can be defined by means of a chain of coupled heat devices. In this way it is possible to derive results and techniques of finite-time thermodynamics, like endoreversible efficiencies and the usual models of irreversible heat devices, in terms of an endoreversible(More)
We study the coefficient of performance (COP) and its bounds for a Carnot-like refrigerator working between two heat reservoirs at constant temperatures T(h) and T(c), under two optimization criteria χ and Ω. In view of the fact that an "adiabatic" process usually takes finite time and is nonisentropic, the nonadiabatic dissipation and the finite time(More)
The English and Spanish languages share over 20,000 cognates. Cognates are words that are orthographically, semantically, and syntactically similar in two languages. In 2009, Montelongo, Hernández, and Herter collected orthographic transparency ratings for over 2,000 Spanish-English cognate nouns and cognate adjectives drawn from the Juilland and(More)
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