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OBJECTIVE To examine the effect of outcome expectation for exercise (OEE), helplessness, and literacy on arthritis outcomes in 2 community-based lifestyle randomized controlled trials (RCTs) conducted in urban and rural communities with older adults with arthritis. METHODS Data from 391 participants in 2 RCTs were combined to examine associations of 2(More)
Arthritis researchers have thoroughly documented a powerful relationship between years of education and health outcomes, but they have not documented the role of literacy. The authors examined the associations between literacy and arthritis health status measures. Participants were recruited from southeastern urban and rural areas. Rapid Estimate of Adult(More)
Despite the growing momentum toward patient- and family-centered care at the federal policy level, the organizational literature remains divided on its effectiveness, especially in regard to its key dimension of involving patients and families in treatment decisions and safety practices. Although some have argued for the universal adoption of patient(More)
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