Anita Aghaie

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Symmetric-key cryptography can resist the potential post-quantum attacks expected with the not-so-faraway advent of quantum computing power. Hash-based, code-based, lattice-based, and multivariate-quadratic equations are all other potential candidates, the merit of which is that they are believed to resist both classical and quantum computers, and applying(More)
Today’s competitive market has witnessed a growing interest in improving the reliability of products. A large number of monitoring schemes have been introduced to effectively control the reliability-related quality characteristics. These methods have focused either on singlestage processes or considered quality variables that are independent. However, many(More)
Achieving secure, high performance implementations for constrained applications such as implantable and wearable medical devices is a priority in efficient block ciphers. However, security of these algorithms is not guaranteed in presence of malicious and natural faults. Recently, a new lightweight block cipher, Midori, has been proposed which optimizes the(More)
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