Anish Sheth

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[Lyn83] N. A. Lynch. Multilevel atomicity { a new correctness criterion for database concurrency control. [Mol83] H. G. Molina. Using semantic knowledge for transaction processing in a distributed database. [Elm90] A. K. Elmagarmid and W. Du. A paradigm for concurrency control in heterogeneous distributed database systems. On serializability of(More)
Workkows are composite activities that can be used to support and automate multisystem applications involving humans, heterogeneous databases and legacy systems. The traditional atomic transaction model, successful for centralized and homogeneous applications, is not suitable for supporting such workkows. Intertask dependencies, which are conditions(More)
The growing integration of Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN) in industries and critical infrastructures requires capabilities beyond the limits of the existing development tools. The performance of WSN needs to be evaluated before deployment , either by on-site experiments or simulation. The on-site performance evaluation is time and cost consuming, cannot(More)
In distributed environment the changes and challenges faced by composite web services in their network environment are enormous. The primary issue in these systems is to distribute the load among various components of the composite web services to improve the performance through minimizing the response time. In this paper, we present a methodology to(More)
With the growth of network complexity, it is very common to find firewall policies with thousands of rules. Modern firewall rulebase are growing in size and complexity at an exponential rate. As changes add up, the firewall rule base gets more complex. Firewall rulebase works on first-match principle. As a result, there exists scope of improvement in(More)
—Video search has become a very important tool, with the ever-growing size of multimedia collections. This work introduces our Video Semantic Indexing system. Our experiments show that Residual Vectors provide an efficient way of aggregat-ing local descriptors, with complementary gain with respect to BoVW. Also, we show that systems using a limited number(More)
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