Anish Khanna

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OBJECTIVES To study the prescription pattern at the different levels of public health facilities of Lucknow district and to assess the average cost of drugs prescribed. METHODS Multi-stage stratified random sampling was done to select 1625 prescriptions of the patients attending the different level of public health facilities in Lucknow district, from(More)
BACKGROUND The outcome of any disease is influenced by the decisions to seek care, timely arrival at appropriate diagnostic and treatment services and the receipt of adequate care from service providers. Satisfaction in service provision is increasingly being used as a measure of health system performance. Satisfaction manifests itself in the distribution,(More)
AIMS To assess the level of patient satisfaction with the various aspects of interaction of the health provider with the patient such as communication, examination and information regarding prescription in the allopathic public health facilities of Lucknow district. SETTINGS AND DESIGN Public health facilities of Lucknow district, India. INTRODUCTION(More)
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