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The principal issue of the PSO is the early convergence because of the use of constant and linear inertia weight. To deal with this problem and to enhance the exploitation and exploration search of PSO, this research work present a new PSO based MPPT method including fuzzy reasoning for inertia weight adaptation (FPSO). The performance of the suggested(More)
Support vector machine (SVM) is a popular method of learning classification with lots of applications. In this work, we extend SVM to recognize the appearance of tumors in MR brain image. Parameterization of the kernel in SVM learning procedure, along selecting features, influences the accuracy of the recognition and increases the computational effect. For(More)
8 used in many application fields such as medical image analysis to characterize and 9 detect anatomical structures, robotics features extraction for mobile robot locali10 zation and detection and map procession for lines and legends finding. Many 11 techniques have been developed in the field of image segmentation. Methods based 12 on intelligent(More)
This paper proposes a practical stability analysis of a particular class of continuous PI-like fuzzy control systems based on the convergence of regular vector norms. This approach is based on the comparison, the overvaluing principle and the application of Borne and Gentina criterion. The stability conditions issued from vector norms correspond to a vector(More)
This paper is concerned with the problems of stability analysis and stabilization with a state feedback controller through pole placement for a class of both continuous and discrete-time switched nonlinear systems. These systems are modeled by differential or difference equations. Then, a transformation under the arrow form is employed. Note that, the main(More)