Anis Sakly

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This chapter focuses on the stability analysis problem for a class of continuous-time switched time-delay systems modelled by delay differential equations under arbitrary switching. Then, a transformation under the arrow form is employed. Indeed, by using a constructed Lyapunov function, the aggrega-tion techniques, the Kotelyanski lemma associated with the(More)
Support vector machine (SVM) is a popular method of learning classification with lots of applications. In this work, we extend SVM to recognize the appearance of tumors in MR brain image. Parameterization of the kernel in SVM learning procedure, along selecting features, influences the accuracy of the recognition and increases the computational effect. For(More)
This paper propose some solutions to improve the performance of terminals mobile transmissions at high speeds, low cost and low power consumption. Indeed, the increase in rates implies that the transmission channels are more difficult, making the task of receivers more difficult. , we are interested in solving the classical problem of detection of a linear(More)
In this paper, the stability study of fuzzy control systems is presented. The approach developed is based on the convergence of regular vector norms, where the comparison, the overvaluing principle and the Borne and Gentina criterion are used. The controller is of type PI-fuzzy with different partition of the two fuzzy inputs. The system to be controlled is(More)