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Faces play an important role in guiding visual attention, and thus, the inclusion of face detection into a classical visual attention model can improve eye movement predictions. In this study, we proposed a visual saliency model to predict eye movements during free viewing of videos. The model is inspired by the biology of the visual system and breaks down(More)
Dysbiotic oral bacterial communities have a critical role in the etiology and progression of periodontal diseases. The goal of this study was to investigate the extent to which smoking increases risk for disease by influencing the composition of the subgingival microbiome in states of clinical health. Subgingival plaque samples were collected from 200(More)
The persistence of pesticides in soils has both economic and environmental significance and is often used as a key parameter in pesticide risk assessment. Persistence of acetochlor [2'-ethyl-6'-methyl-N-(ethoxymethyl)-2-chloroacetylanilide] in two New Zealand field soils was measured over two years and the data were used to identify models that adequately(More)
We investigated sorption characteristics of two commonly used herbicides, atrazine and imazethapyr, in 101 soils with allophanic and non-allophanic clays of New Zealand using the batch equilibration technique. Soil properties, such as organic carbon (OC) content, texture, pH, amount and type of clay, and cation-exchange capacity (CEC), were tested against(More)
The human vision has been studied deeply in the past years, and several different models have been proposed to simulate it on computer. Some of these models concerns visual saliency which is potentially very interesting in a lot of applications like robotics, image analysis, compression, video indexing. Unfortunately they are compute intensive with tight(More)
Visual attention is a complex concept that includes many processes to find the region of concentration in a visual scene. In this paper, we discuss a spatio-temporal visual saliency model where the visual information contained in videos is divided into two types: static and dynamic that are processed by two separate pathways. These pathways produce(More)
Electro-optic dendrimer was used to generate CW terahertz radiation via difference frequency method. In case of electro-optic excitation, the pump-THz conversion is not limited either by emission saturation or by heat dissipation. Especially, the difference frequency generation (DFG) uses two-photon excitation that eliminates the use of a femtosecond pulsed(More)
A spectral clustering based video object segmentation technique is proposed in this work. A foreground separation model is introduced which uses thresholding by different features to produce an initial labeling for each frame of the input sequence. We use a combination of color, optical flow, spatial-coordinates, spatiotemporal saliency and the initial(More)