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Interference performance is among the most important issues especially in WCDMA cellular networks planning coverage and capacity. <i>F-factor</i> has been introduced in previous works to model the interference in WCDMA downlink dimensioning process. In this paper, we establish its PDF expression assuming 1 interferer in the server both with and without(More)
Modeling affective attributes in a DLE (Distributed Learning Environment) poses many challenges. We aim to extend the learner’s model with attributes such as his emotional states (sadness, fear, joy, gratefulness, culpability, anger, pride and hope) related to a context (objects of the pedagogical structure). The emotion becomes private or public depending(More)
The content centric network (CCN) is the new communication paradigm conceived for the future Internet. The basic idea of CCN is to use content names as addresses instead of IP-based host addresses. Video streaming services like YouTube represent the most important part of the internet traffic. Recently, the impact of mobility on video streaming over(More)
This retrospective study reports a series of 258 patients operated on for late developing post-operative adhesive occlusions. The impact of anterior interventions on these occlusions. The impact of anterior interventions on the occllusions as well as he clinical and paraclinical patterns are discussed before any approach to the different therapeutic aspects(More)
UNLABELLED On the basis of the determination of minimum local analgesic concentration (MLAC), ropivacaine has been demonstrated to be less potent than bupivacaine during the first stage of labor. In this study we assessed the effect of clonidine on the MLAC of ropivacaine. Seventy-seven parturients of mixed parity requesting epidural analgesia for labor(More)
RÉSUMÉ. Plusieurs organisations qui œuvrent dans le domaine d’apprentissage à distance utilisent le composant logiciel comme unité de base pour construire leur système. Ils ne développent presque plus de nouveaux composants, mais ils les réutilisent et appliquent des réingénieries pour des fins d’adaptation aux nouveaux contextes. Ceci prouve que le(More)
Planning and dimensioning air interface of the evolution of UMTS networks based on HSPA techniques is crucial for mobile operators. The objective of this paper is to present simple and accurate planning models and methodologies integrating advanced aspects for the new standardized RF evolved HSPA Beyond 3G techniques. We suggest and compare three(More)
BACKGROUND Laparoscopic cholecystectomy is at present the gold standard treatment of gallbladder lithiasis. AIM Assesment of Laparoscopic cholecystectomy METHODS Through a retrospective series of 500 laparoscopic cholecystectomies during a period going from January 1996 to March 2000, we tried to evaluate our experience by comparing our results to the(More)
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