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There is uncertainty regarding echocardiography before cardiac surgery, especially with regard to timing and disease progression as well as potential errors. We investigated the causes of unexpected intra-operative transoesophageal echocardiography findings by performing a 33-month audit. We found that there were 50/797 (6%) unexpected findings that led to(More)
PURPOSE To describe optical coherence tomography angiography (OCTA) findings in eyes with Behçet uveitis (BU) and to compare these findings with those of fluorescein angiography (FA). METHODS Prospective, comparative, cross-sectional study. Patients presenting with clinically active BU involving the posterior segment were evaluated using FA, spectral(More)
The purpose of this study was to determine final diagnosis of patients referred with a diagnosis of neuroretinitis. A retrospective study of 40 patients with optic disc oedema with macular star (ODOMS) referred with a diagnosis of neuroretinitis was conducted. The final diagnosis was neuroretinitis in 26 patients (65%), with most of these patients (96.1%)(More)
Different forms of optic neuropathy causing visual impairment of varying severity have been reported in association with a wide variety of infectious agents. Proper clinical diagnosis of any of these infectious conditions is based on epidemiological data, history, systemic symptoms and signs, and the pattern of ocular findings. Diagnosis is confirmed by(More)
Rickettsioses are emergent and resurgent arthropod vector borne diseases due to obligate intracellular small gram-negative bacteria. Most of them are transmitted to humans by the bite of contaminated arthropods, such as ticks. Systemic disease typically consists of high fever, headache and skin rash, with or without «tache noire» (dark spot). Ocular(More)
BACKGROUND The purpose of this single case report was to report the use of anterior segment optical coherence tomography for the diagnosis and management of a retained vegetal intraocular foreign body. RESULTS A 23-year-old otherwise healthy male presented with a progressive vision loss in the right eye (RE). He reported a mild ocular trauma with a tree(More)
We report a case of a 14-year-old otherwise healthy patient who developed acute retinal periphlebitis mimicking frosted branch angiitis inferotemporally and associated exudative retinal detachment in the left eye following blunt trauma. Fluorescein angiography revealed delayed filling of inferotemporal branch retinal vein and late leakage of sheathed(More)
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