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HAL is a multidisciplinary open access archive for the deposit and dissemination of scientific research documents, whether they are published or not. The documents may come from teaching and research institutions in France or abroad, or from public or private research centers. L'archive ouverte pluridisciplinaire HAL, est destinée au dépôt età la diffusion(More)
In this paper we discuss the mechanism of mul-tipoint relays (MPRs) to efficiently do the flooding of broadcast messages in the mobile wireless networks. Multipoint relaying is a technique to reduce the number of redundant re-transmissions while diffusing a broadcast message in the network. We discuss the principle and the functioning of MPRs, and propose a(More)
We analyze the performance of ad hoc pro-active routing protocol OLSR. In particular we focuse on the multipoint relay concept which is the most salient feature of this protocol and which brings the most signiicant breakthrough in performance. We will anlyse the performances in two radio network models: the random graph model and the unit graph. The random(More)
— In this paper, we examine security issues related to proactive routing protocols for MANETs. Specifically, we investigate security properties of the Optimized Link-State Routing Protocol-one example of a proactive routing protocol for MANETs. We investigate the possible attacks against the integrity of the network routing infrastructure, and present(More)
Wireless ad-hoc networks are autonomous, self-configurating and adaptive. Thus, such networks are excellent candidates for military tactical networks, where their ability to be operational rapidly and without any centralized entity is essential. As radio coverage is usually limited, multihop routing is often needed; this is achieved by an ad-hoc routing(More)
We analyze the performance of ad-hoc routing as deened in MANet IETF working group in the random graph model. In particular we analyze the performance of a reactive protocol DSR and of a pro-active protocol OLSR. The random graph model is deened by the number of nodes n, and link probability p. We give the asymptotic evaluation of the ooding distance which(More)
Dans cet article, nous présentons les mesures de performances d'une implémentation du protocole de routage ad hoc OLSR. OLSR, abréviation de "Optimized Link State Routing", est un protocole de routage pour les réseaux sans fil soumis actuellement au groupe de standardisation MANET de l'IETF. OLSR est un protocole proactif, et par conséquent l'échange des(More)