Anis Chelbi

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This study deals with the problem of dependence between production and failure rates in the context of a multi-product manufacturing system. It provides an answer about how to produce (i.e. the production rates) and what to produce (i.e. which product) over a finite horizon of H periods of equal length. We consider a single randomly failing and repairable(More)
In this paper, we develop a joint quality control and preventive maintenance policy for a production system producing conforming and non-conforming units. The considered system consists of one machine which must supply another production line operating on a just-in-time basis. According to the proportion l of non-conforming units observed on each lot and(More)
This paper considers a selective maintenance policy for multi-component systems for which a minimum level of reliability is required for each mission. Such systems need to be maintained between consecutive missions. The proposed strategy aims at selecting the components to be maintained (renewed) after the completion of each mission such that a required(More)