Anis Abuseiris

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The current fast growth of genome-wide association studies (GWAS) combined with now common computationally expensive imputation requires the online access of large user groups to high-performance computing resources capable of analyzing rapidly and efficiently millions of genetic markers for ten thousands of individuals. Here, we present a web-based(More)
The sequential organization of genomes, i.e. the relations between distant base pairs and regions within sequences, and its connection to the three-dimensional organization of genomes is still a largely unresolved problem. Long-range power-law correlations were found using correlation analysis on almost the entire observable scale of 132 completely(More)
The dynamic three-dimensional chromatin architecture of genomes and its co-evolutionary connection to its function – the storage, expression, and replication of genetic information – is still one of the central issues in biology. Here, we describe the much debated 3D-architecture of the human and mouse genomes from the nucleosomal to the megabase pair level(More)
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