Anis A. Mohamad Ali

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All the components needed for a 4 times 4 Nolen matrix have been presented for application in multi-layer SIW technology. In particular, a novel 2-layers SIW broad-band coupler has been introduced. The wide coupling dynamic range of this coupler, being stable over a relatively wideband (up to 2 GHz in the Ku-Band), makes it a reliable element for building(More)
In this paper, the design of a broadband 4x4 Butler matrix is presented for the first time on a two-layer Substrate Integrated Waveguide (SIW) structure. The presence of path crossings in the matrix structure often imposes the use of extra OdB couplers - usually obtained using back to back pairs of 3dB couplers - for planar realizations. Specific designs(More)
A millimeter-wave passive Van Atta retrodirective antenna (RDA) array is presented in substrate integrated waveguide technology. The proposed RDA design is based on alternating SIW slot antenna arrays whose longitudinal slots are etched in a continuous ground plane covering the entire circuit thus minimizing the diffraction at the edges of the feeding(More)
A novel compact Ridge Substrate Integrated Waveguide (RSIW)-based hybrid ring coupler is hereby presented. The size miniaturization is accomplished through a twofold approach. First, the RSIW is used to reduce the coupler waveguide transverse dimension. The RSIW of the hybrid ring is then loaded by Electromagnetic Bandgap (EBG) structures, etched in its(More)
An original single layer low-profile planar microstrip antenna is hereby presented for airborne C-band applications. The antenna structure, endowed with a dual microstrip feed and quarter-wave parasitic patches, provides a flexible design on a 787 ¿m thick dielectric substrate. Simulated characteristics of 15.4% impedance bandwidth at 7.1 GHz are reported(More)
This communication investigates the capability of serial beamforming networks to cancel beam squint with frequency in linear array applications. Such a property could be of interest for broadband applications with multiple narrow beams. The theoretical aspects are described, as well as the impact on the beamforming network design. It is found that the main(More)
The performances of a wideband passive repeater including two broadband antennas and a coaxial line are analyzed both from full-wave electromagnetic simulations and measurement data over 1.6 GHz bandwidth centered at 4 GHz. For carrier signal level lower than the detection threshold, the use of passive repeater can significantly improve the reliability of(More)
A novel structure for a compact waveguide-based CRLH phase shifter suitable for SIW technology has been developed. A simple design procedure is presented and verified by the simulation results based on the balanced CRLH TL equivalent circuit model. An eight-cell structure has been designed and optimized offering up to 270° phase shift with a wideband(More)
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