Anirudh P. Shanbhag

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The Indian subcontinent has two distinct sub species of crows namely Jungle (Corvus macrorhynchos culminatus) and House crow (Corvus splendens protegatus). The current study depicted the interactions between the Jungle and the house crows while foraging food. Sites for the investigation were the areas recently depleted or cultivated with forest or grassland(More)
Keratin protein is ubiquitous in most vertebrates and invertebrates, and has several important cellular and extracellular functions that are related to survival and protection. Keratin function has played a significant role in the natural selection of an organism. Hence, it acts as a marker of evolution. Much information about an organism and its evolution(More)
Short-chain dehydrogenase reductases (SDRs) have been utilized for catalyzing the reduction of many aromatic/aliphatic prochiral ketones to their respective alcohols. However, there is a paucity of data that elucidates their innate biological role and diverse substrate space. In this study, we executed an in-depth biochemical characterization and substrate(More)
Black gram (Vigna mungo L. Hepper), is an extensively studied food crop which is affected by many abiotic and biotic factors, especially diseases. The yield potential of Black gram is shallow due to lack of genetic variability and biotic stress susceptibility. Core biotic stress factors include mung bean yellow mosaic virus (MYMV), urdbean leaf crinkle(More)
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